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Someone Needs You

You mentor great people.

We take care of everything else.

Why Become a Mentor?

Pay It Forward

Offer people the help you've benefited from

Learn From Others

Be exposed to new ways of thinking and seeing the world

Change Lives

Have a significant impact on someone's career & life

Made for Busy Professionals

Choose When to Start

We reach out to you weekly & you decide if you want to help someone over a 30min call.

It's only 30 minutes

Each protégé is expecting a 30 min call. There's no risk of you disappointing them.

Scale It Up or Down

Adjust the number of mentoring calls, depending on your schedule.

What Mentors Say

"I’ve helped a senior leader in customer success, who was about to quit, redefine his role and present it to his CEO. He is now flying and loving his new job."

Kelly Hartman

Chief People Officer @ Flywire

"I have to admit I was sceptical about mentoring, but I'm glad I signed-up, as it's one of the most fulfilling things I've done in my career."

Xi Weng

Client Strategy Director @ Captify

Protégé is free for Mentors

As a mentor, you volunteer your time to help others. We charge protégés a flat admin fee to run the service.

Someone Needs You

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