Our Story

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: who do we turn to for mentoring? Whether it's getting a promotion, leading a team or starting a family, who can provide us with experienced advice?

You need the network & confidence to initiate contact with potential mentors, the grit to accept rejections and the experience to know who's the right fit. We started Protégé to help people overcome these obstacles.

By using technology and mobilising global volunteer networks we’re able to offer mentoring with more convenience, at the fraction of the cost. We connect people to mentors who have been there before and want to share their knowledge.

We believe that all mentors should volunteer and that protégés should not be paying for mentors' time. That's why we only charge protégés a flat admin fee, which allows us to build & mantain the necessary infrastructure.

Edouard Sioufi

Edouard started coding when he was 13, and built early on a deep understanding of technology. After graduating and co-founding his first company, he worked with various early-stage startups. He recently developed an interest in psychology and behavior. By applying what he was learning to himself, he realized the importance of proper self-development methods and the impact they can have. This led him to co-launch Protégé to help others unleash their potential. 

Leadership Team

George Koulouris


Having worked at an awarding-winning design agency, George was unsure of his next career step. He quit his job, made a list of everyone in the world that he wanted to meet and asked for their advice. Surprisingly, people were eager to spend months at a time with him, share their lives and mentor him. After this one-year experience, he set-off to co-create a product which would help others get career advice, whenever they needed it.

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